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On behalf of the Stackage curators, I'm putting out a call for a volunteer to join the team. The Stackage curators are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Stackage project: merging PRs, managing builds, reporting bounds issues and build or test failures, and every once in a while making a judgement call on when to bump to newer package versions.

The curator team currently consists of Adam Bergmark, Dan Burton, Jens Petersen, and me. The processes we follow are documented in the curator guide. We each rotate shifts, taking one week at a time on duty. Overall, the workload is light and straightforward: usually less than 30 minutes a day.

We're putting out this call for a new volunteer since we've been running as a four-person show for a while now, and want to make sure we're getting our processes well documented enough for newcomers to easily come up to speed on the process. While we are currently asking for just one new addition to the team, if there are multiple enthusiastic candidates, we will definitely consider expanding the team further.

Joining the curator team is a great way to both contribute to the Haskell ecosystem, and to become more familiar with how things work. You'll also get an opportunity to interact (albeit in brief discussions) with many package maintainers in the Haskell community.

If you're interested in applying, please send a message to the Stackage mailing list or, if you prefer applying privately, send me an email and I'll pass the message along to the rest of the team.

Get new blog posts via email