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On June 6, 2018, I'll be running a Haskell Hackathon as a Mini-Conf after LambdaConf. I've started a Github repo for preparing for this hackathon, and I'd like to ask for people to contribute, whether or not you'll be attending the hackathon.

My goal with this repository is to provide a way for people maintaining open source projects to submit work items that they would like help with, and which they believe could be tackled by a new contributor within the course of a day (or less!). Note that these don't necessarily need to be beginner-level tasks, but the issue tracker does ask you to indicate the skill level you think is needed.

If you have such a task, please submit it as an issue.

And of course: if you're going to be at LambdaConf, or otherwise will be in or around Boulder on that date, you're warmly welcome to attend and participate in this hackathon. It will be a great opportunity to dive in to the open source Haskell ecosystem, meet other Haskellers, get some guidance, and/or mentor others. If anyone has questions, please feel free to reach out in the comments below or elsewhere. Hope to see you there!

Get new blog posts via email