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I've been playing with this idea off-and-on for a few years now, and decided to finally write a blog post to float it. I'm considering shutting down the Haskellers, and turning it into a redirect to some other community resource. The reason for this is pretty straightforward: I created Haskellers site originally as a some kind of a community/discussion/professional connection hub. But essentially all of its functionality seems better served by other resources at this point, and I'd rather promote those other services.

The simplest idea I had was to change it to a redirect to the Discourse, though perhaps hosting a single-page site with links to common Haskell resources, together with a very prominent "edit" button for additional contributions, would be worthwhile.

I'm curious if anyone has feedback, either for or against, or ideas on what can or should replace a page. If so, please click the button below to the GitHub issue, to at least click the ​​​​​​​👍 or 👎 button.

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