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The Stackage Curator team is responsible for ongoing maintenance tasks for Stackage: creating builds, adding manual bounds, merging pull requests, and more. The responsibilities and general workflow are described in detail in the curators document, but in short:

  • There are a total of 8 curators
  • Each curator takes a one-week slot in rotation
  • During that week, the curator reviews incoming PRs, ensures Stackage Nightly builds, and puts out an LTS release

I am planning on stepping down from my position as one of the Stackage Curators. With personal and work responsibilities, I simply don't have the time to dedicate to my curator responsibilities. What time I do have available I intend to devote instead to higher level topics, such as toolchain fixes.

And thus this blog post: I'm putting out a call for a new Stackage Curator to join the team. As a Stackage Curator, you're providing a valuable service to the entire Haskell community of helping keeping builds running and packages moving forward. You'll also have more impact on deciding when Stackage makes steps forwards to new versions of GHC and other dependencies.

If you're interested in joining the curator team, please fill out this form.

Thank you

Now seems as good a time as any to say this. I want to express a huge thank you to the entire Haskell community that have been part of Stackage, and in particular to the Stackage Curator team. By raw number of contributors (742 at time of writing), it is the most active project I've ever started. And I never could have kept it running without the rest of the curator team to shoulder the burden. Adam, Alexey, Chris, Dan, Jens, Joe, and Mihai: it's been a pleasure being a curator with you. Thank you for everything, and I'm looking forward to continued involvement on my reduced schedule.

Get new blog posts via email